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Mathew Gallery


Mathew Gallery is a contemporary art gallery focusing on post conceptual art with locations in Berlin and New York. This summer they are hosting freeform radio station, KChung, for a residency filled with interdisciplinary programming.

From KChung: 

"We think a lot about what it means to be publisher in the age of 'content producers' and why we keep doing this when other methods of distribution seem more practical and lucrative.  Radio has endured all the same existential obstacles, and like publishing, persists despite it's limitations.  With this in mind, we've invited a varied group of art publishers, writers, artists, and archival organization to create and provide radio programming for the month. The program will feature talk shows, performances, dj sets, political rhetoric, weather, etc.  All this work will culminate in some sort of publication... we're not sure yet if that looks like a book, usbs, records or what."


Jul 22

Immoral Art?

Taught by Jeanne Proust
3 p.m. at Mathew Gallery

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