Olio: noun \ˈō-lē-ˌō\  

A miscellaneous collection (esp. of art or literature)

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Oct 19

*OlioNote Vol 3 Party* The Urgent Need for Critical Thinking & Anecdotes are Better Than Evidence

Olios on learning and storytelling by two of our favorite professors, raffle prizes & free beer!
Taught by Two Olio Professors
Thu, Oct 19 // 7:30 p.m. at Brooklyn Art Library
**Free beer from Narragansett. All funds raised will go towards the printing of OlioNote Vol 3. There will be multiple prizes raffled off from our friends and Nowadays, Penguin Press, and Obvious State.

Sign Up - $15

Oct 20

Classical Music to Free Jazz: Breaking Tradition and Defining the Voice

Join us for a kaleidoscope of musical excerpts and conversation as we delve into music in the moment.
Taught by Whitney George
Fri, Oct 20 // 7 p.m. at Strand Bookstore
**Complimentary drinks provided by Sixpoint Brewing and Maison Cubi.

Sign Up - $24

Oct 27

Turning the Soul: Humanities and the Hero's Journey

We'll take up the secret battle between instinct and knowledge and the role it plays in humanities today.
Taught by Vishwa Adluri
Fri, Oct 27 // 7 p.m. at Strand Bookstore
**Complimentary beer and wine by our presenting sponsors, Sixpoint Brewery & Maison Cubi.

Sign Up - $20

Oct 30

Traversing the Veil: Alchemy, Wisdom, and The Modern Witch

The designation of 'witch' has been used to refer to women who "dared" to take on the role of the "wise woman," whether that meant healer, scholar, or midwife.
Taught by Jaime Weida
Mon, Oct 30 // 7:30 p.m. at Chinatown Soup

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Nov 1

Parsing the Riddle of Aung San Suu Kyi: The Long, Troubling Fall of a Human Rights Icon

Whatever happened to Aung San Suu Kyi? Did she even deserve the mantle of international human rights symbol and does it matter that she can’t, or won’t, intervene to support the rights of Myanmar’s Rohingya minority?
Taught by Phelim Kine
Wed, Nov 1 // 7:30 p.m. at The Commons Brooklyn
**OlioNews** Our slow take on the news where we come together with a professor to go in depth, learning the history and context of pressing current events.

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Nov 3

Shakespeare and the Invention of the Supervillain

The modern supervillain has one single pure origin: Shakespeare’s Iago, an ordinary person whose multiple motives conceal his essential drive for, and unrestrained theatrical enjoyment of chaos and evil for the sake of evil.
Taught by Geoff Klock
Fri, Nov 3 // 7 p.m. at Strand Bookstore

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Nov 7

*Olio Seminar* Know Your Rights? Know Your Rights!

This four part Olio Seminar offers a practical and accessible primer to the basics (and many contradictions) of US constitutional law. Topics will include free speech law, gun control, police powers, the rights of the accused, and the right to privacy.
Taught by Lawrence Cappello
Tue, Nov 7 // 7 p.m. at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP

Sign Up - $50

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