Moon Rise Studio

614 Lorimer Street Brooklyn, NY 11211 // Please enter through the side entrance - the black door with disco tiles

Moon Rise Studio is a social space by Kin Euphorics that holds space for people to change their mindset and rise to their potential. A Williamsburg speakeasy dedicated to serving community and facilitating connections. Everyone in attendance will be invited to sample Kin Euphorics, a line of non-alcoholic, elixir drinks, made to replenish and calm the body. More at Kin's website. 


Nov 17

Spiritual Misfits

Taught by Christopher Kelley
1 p.m. at Moon Rise Studio

Sign Up - $15

Oct 23

Eros: The Geometry of Desire

Taught by Jamie Warren
7:30 p.m. at Moon Rise Studio

Sign Up - $15

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