Ted Barrow

Ted Barrow is an art historian finishing his PhD. at the Graduate Center, CUNY. He teaches in Barnard College's Pre-College Program over the summer, focusing on the relationship between art and film in New York City, and has taught art history courses at Baruch, City College, the College of Staten Island, and Brooklyn College. His focus is Gilded Age America, and his dissertation focuses on tropical imagery in the age of empire. Barrow currently works as the Assistant Curator at the Hudson River Museum and in his free time he runs a popular Instagram account about skateboarding (@feedback_ts).


Apr 9

Madame(s) X: Muses, Makers, & Shifting Identities

Taught by Ted Barrow
7 p.m. at Strand Bookstore

Sign Up - $20

Mar 28

Catfishing: The Artist as Trickster in Factual Fictions

Taught by Ted Barrow
7:30 p.m. at Blender Workspace

Sign Up - $20

Jan 4

Museum Visit | Strange Beauty in the Italian Renaissance * Sold Out*

Taught by Ted Barrow
7 p.m. at The Morgan Library & Museum

Sign Up - $15

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