Lanxing Fu & Jeremy Pickard

Lanxing Fu and Jeremy Pickard co-direct Superhero Clubhouse, a Lenapehoking (NYC)-based interdisciplinary community engaged in shifting culture toward climate and environmental justice using the tools of theater. Lanxing (she/her) is a Chinese-American theater artist, teacher, and facilitator focused on regenerative creative practices and socially-engaged art. With Superhero Clubhouse, Lanxing is the playwright of Mammelephant and Piece of Cake, the program director of The Living Stage NYC and Big Green Theater, and co-creator of many original projects such as Hike-Play, an interspecies climate performance that coexists with a walk through the woods. Jeremy founded Superhero Clubhouse in 2007 as an inclusive and empowering gathering place for imaginative exploration of environmental issues. He is the lead playwright of Flying Ace and the Storm of the Century!, Salty Folk: An Oyster Musical, and The Planet Play series, and co-creator of many original projects such as Ghost Bike, a multimodal performance and bicycle ride envisioning cities built on transportation justice. Together, Lanxing and Jeremy lead dialogues surrounding climate and creativity, facilitate eco-theater workshops and paid Fellowship programs, and write and speak about eco-theater for national and international organizations, publications, and communities.

Upcoming Olios with Lanxing Fu & Jeremy Pickard

Theater and Climate Justice: Creative Tools for Building a Better World

Venue: Online

Teacher: Lanxing Fu & Jeremy Pickard

May 18, 2021, 7 p.m.

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