Geoff & Maureen

Maureen Matarese is a professor of Linguistics and Geoff Klock is a Shakespeare and David Lynch obsessive (and also a professor). They make up a wife and husband Think Olio power couple.

Maureen T. Matarese is a professor at BMCC. She has a doctorate from Columbia University and is a linguist with a specialization in discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, and applied linguistics. She is the U.S. expert on social work interaction (particularly in homeless settings) and the discourse of street-level bureaucrats. She is co-editor of Analysing Social Work Communication: Discourse in Practice and has written articles published in a wide array of journals and books. She is the Vice President of the International Linguistic Association. Hobbies include applying linguistics to pop culture, drinking bourbon neat, stirring up trouble, and objectifying Geoff Klock.

Geoff Klock has a doctorate from Oxford and is a professor at BMCC-CUNY. He teaches philosophy (mostly the philosophy of art), Shakespeare, canonical poetry in English, parables, and film (mostly movies about movies, and David Lynch). He is the author of four academic books on things like television shows and superheroes. He has been cited 290 times, including in the New Yorker and the LA Times and made a Hamlet Mash Up that got 57,000 views. 

His friend Mitch says of his work “it not only takes a highbrow literary thing and applies it to a more mainstream thing in a fun way, it also serves as a simple introduction to that highbrow thing.” He has done more than 30 Olios, and was featured in their story in Southwest Airlines Magazine. He was trained as an actor, survived a hit and run with a NYC taxi, was in a play with Christopher Lloyd and a conga line with Rebecca del Rio, won a sexy Halloween costume context at a burlesque show in NYC, sang Auld Lang Syne with all three children from It’s a Wonderful Life, and he was 8 miles into a lava field in Hawaii when he received a national emergency message to seek shelter because a ballistic missile strike was imminent. 

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