Angie Beeman

Angie Beeman is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Baruch College. Her work focuses on the evolution of racism and how this process affects institutional practices, identities, and interracial organizing. Like many scholars of critical race and racism theory, she operates under the assumption that different types of racism dominate in different historical periods and the type that dominates affects the way people think, talk, and act towards the issue of racism. In her past work, she developed the concept of emotional segregation, which she defined as an institutionalized empathetic barrier between European Americans and people of color. She showed how this barrier was reproduced in U.S. films that continued to “other” people of color. Currently, she is developing a book manuscript building on her ethnography of an interracial social movement organization.

She has received three teaching awards, including a Whiting Fellowship, which offered partial and full sabbaticals to support faculty research. Recently, she published an article that analyzed the most effective methods for empowering students at different types of institutions. This article shared strategies she developed over the course of fourteen years while teaching at predominantly “white” versus predominantly “black” and Latino/a universities.


Dec 10

The Anatomy of Racism

Taught by Angie Beeman
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Jul 21

Jun 11

The Exclusive Club of Whiteness: Exploring Racial Hierarchies

Taught by Angie Beeman
4 p.m. at Chinatown Soup

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