Olio Seminar | Words Shape Worlds: The Discourse of Courtrooms

Justine Khamara

Why does it matter if a lawyer begins a question with "and" or "so?" What is a presupposition, and why does it matter in court? Who is allowed to tell stories in court, and how does that impact the case? What are prototypical norms, how do they shape jurors' perceptions of the defendant and the plaintiff? 

In this Olio, seminar we'll use examples from the Jane Doe v. Brock Turner— Stanford rape case, O.J. Simpson’s murder trial, and the Jodi Arias murder trial to uncover the ways in which language carefully shapes what happens in the courtroom.

September 26: Discourse Analysis in Court

We will learn 5 key concepts in Discourse Analysis and apply them to real courtroom transcripts.

Forensic Linguistics Fieldtrip! 

In between the other two sessions, seminar participants will, on their own, attend night court with a homework assignment.

October 10: Forensic Linguistics: A Data Session

The final session will analyze the written notes collected during courtroom observation.

*This Olio Seminar will take meet on September 26th and October 10th in a living room in Prospect Heights and will be BYOB.*

Location: Living Room

Address will be shared with attendees.

Living Room Salons are members only and take place in an apartment to provide an intimate learning environment.

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