Think Olio x RSA | Mental Health and Modern Life in NYC

Dadu Shin

Ever take a look at your mind and feel like retreating from what you see? Do you wish you had some tricks to help you manage the daily stresses of modern life on your mental health? Not sure what it even means to take a look at your own mind? 

With all the talk about the mind, mental health, and mindfulness, we sometimes needs some guidance to help us understand what it is we're working with in the first place. Fortunately for us, Patricia Kim and Andy Gibson are taking us on a tour of the local and global mental health landscape, and helping us dive into our own minds to figure out what's good for them. 

Patricia Kim is a social worker in NYC, whose experience with underrepresented youth at the college level inspired her to begin studying mental health. She'll be discussing the local mental health landscape in NYC, and presenting some common obstacles she's observed.

Author Andy Gibson is the founder of a global campaign that addresses the lack of attention being given by social innovators and campaigners to public mental health. Mindapples aims to help people manage their minds, and in their own words: "grounded in science and backed by a passionate community, we aim to make looking after our minds as natural as brushing your teeth." He recently released his second book, The Mind Manual, which is written as an accessible guide to what's going on in your head. He'll be discussing his book and other tools to help us take a peek inside and make sense of what's in there. 

Location: Prime Produce

424 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019, 2nd Floor

Prime Produce is a guild for social good, where we practice the craft of intentionally serving others through our work. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and a membership cooperative. We are an intentional community for work.

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