Prospect Park Philosophy | Art vs. Reality

Klee, Paul - Glance at Landscape

Philosophy and art have been at war since Ancient Greece. Join me for a look into this battle in a three-part series in Prospect Park! Part One looks at the fraught relationship between art and reality – is art a dangerous illusion, an instruction manual, a mirror, or an escape, and can we even tell where art begins and reality ends? 

Part Two looks at the relationship between art and authors: is art primarily an expression of emotion, a game where one artist tries to outdo another; should we even be discussing authors at all when discussing art and who gets to make art anyway? 

Part Three looks at art and audiences: do people go to art because they are working out psychological issues? Are they establishing themselves as a person of a certain taste? Are they getting brainwashed? Are they getting fleeced? Is art a new Religion? Expect to see Plato, Alexander Pope, Baudrillard, Wordsworth, Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde, Freud, Marx and Nietzsche weigh in. 

Location: Prospect Park (Grand Army Entrance)

Grand Army Plaza - Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

For this three-part series, we'll meet at 7:00pm under the Grand Army Plaza Arch and make our way to a cozy spot in the park. Bring some snacks and some (discreet) wine for the evening conversation.

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