OlioTrip | Cienfuegos, Cuba

​Explore Cuba... the Olio way! Join us on an unforgettable adventure to Cienfuegos, a magical city on the Caribbean coast of Cuba. Founded by the French in 1819, Cienfuegos enjoys gorgeous colonial architecture, wide promenades, and stunning sunsets, all of which have earned the city the well-deserved title of La Perla del Sur (The Pearl of the South). While we are there, we will study local history, politics, and architecture, and Cuban art, music, and dance. We will also visit Trinidad, one of the original cities established by the Spanish on the island and now a UNESCO World Heritage site. In Trinidad, our learning will explore Afro-Cuban religion, music, and culture, and we will visit artisan's workshops to learn about private business and community development. 

Our professor-guide, Teresita Levy has set up an incredible trip for us to explore this hidden gem of a city. 

Join us for an interest session on Tuesday, May 28th.


We are now accepting deposits for early bird pricing. The trip is all inclusive (flight,casita,meals,drinks,tours) and costs $1,500 total if you pay your deposit before July 1st. After that, the total price will be $1,750. 

A Rough Itinerary for our trip! 


4:00:00 AM Meet at JFK - Jet Blue Baggage Claim Area,

 5:59:00 AM Flight from JFK to Santa Clara airport 

12:15:00 PM Arrival in Santa Clara immigration, luggage, change money 

1:30:00 PM Mausoleo de Ché Guevara 

3:00:00 PM Depart for Cienfuegos 

5:00:00 PM Arrival in Cienfuegos Check-in, welcome cocktail, Welcome Briefing 

8:00:00 PM Dinner at Las Mamparas 


9:00:00 AM Pick up at Casa 

9:30:00 AM Visit to Castillo Jagua Topic: History and Politics

 12:30:00 PM Lunch at Las Brisas del Mar

 2:30:00 PM Walking tour of Downtown Cienfuegos 

4:00:00 PM Dance Class in Casa de la Música Topic: Music and Dance 

6:00:00 PM Hotel for cocktail and rest

 8:00:00 PM Dinner at El Ocaso

 10:30:00 PM Music and Dancing 


8:30:00 AM Pick up at Casa; depart to Trinidad 

9:30:00 AM Arrival in Trinidad Topic: Afro-Cuban Culture 

10:00:00 AM Lecture on Afro-Cuban Religion and Visit to Templo Yemayá

 11:00:00 AM Art Gallery Visits Topic: Art 

1:00:00 PM Lunch at El Adita 

3:00:00 PM Depart for Cienfuegos

 3:30:00 PM Stop at Valle de los Ingenios and Manaca Iznaga Topic: Plantation Slavery 

6:00:00 PM Arrival in Cienfuegos 

8:00:00 PM Dinner TBD 

10:30:00 PM Music and Dancing 


9:00:00 AM Depart for Airport

 1:30:00 PM Flight from Santa Clara to JFK

Location: Cienfuegos, Cuba

Cienfuegos, Cuba

Cuba's so-called 'Pearl of the South' has long seduced travelers from around the island with its elegance, enlightened French airs and feisty Caribbean spirit. If Cuba has a Paris, this is most definitely it.

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