Olio Workshop | Modern Anxiety and Ancient Healing Arts

'Man Under The Sun' - J.D Chou

"Nature does not  hurry, yet everything is accomplished." - Lau Tzu 

The Taoist arts of China and the general philosophy of Taoism are known and loved worldwide by millions of people. The simplicity and naturalness of the Taoist approach of Yin and Yang (Life Energy) to health, business, sex, relationships, family, and relating to everything within time & space, makes it an attractive path to follow. With no dogma, ideology or strict rules to weigh a person down, one is free to follow a natural way of harmonizing with life that suits them best using the concepts of Yin and Yang to negotiate one's struggles. Through the simple yet profoundly powerful Taoist-based healing practices Zen Shiatsu, Meridian Touch Yoga, and Qigong, you will tap into natural ways of breathing, movement, touch, and mind that will help to control, reduce, transform or eliminate anxiety. Each week we will learn about the philosophy of these arts and then move into guided exercises that you'll be able to take away with you and integrate into your life. All are welcome and no experience is needed.

Session 1 - Oct 30th

Using The Power of Yin/Yang To Reduce Anxiety Through | Zen Shiatsu

Formally a Japanese style of bodywork and healing, Zen Shiatsu’s roots are firmly in the tradition of Taoist Yin Yang philosophy and Chinese medicine. In this 90 minute class we will get ourselves grounded in the foundational aspects of Yin Yang and how it works as a healing force of the mind and body, how it correlates with the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine, and then apply that knowledge to the hands-on application of Zen Shiatsu to the body to relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

Session 2 - Nov 6th 

Using The Power of Yin/Yang To Reduce Anxiety Through | Meridian Touch Yoga

Building on what we have learned and experienced in the previous session, we dive now into the practice of Meridian Touch Yoga, a form based on ancient Chinese Tao-In yoga which was the precursor to both Qigong and Tai Chi. More focus on the 5 Elements and meridians as they relate to psycho-emotional states of the body and other life correspondences and how they can be engaged to gently help deal with anxiety.

Session 3 - Nov 13th

Using The Power of Yin/Yang To Reduce Anxiety Through | Qigong

Qigong exercises are becoming very popular again in society and for good reason. With such high levels of personal and social anxiety arising all over the planet, the standing movement form of Jing Luo Xi (Meridian Cleansing) Qigong is a powerful aid in protecting, cleansing, and healing oneself from the inner and outer onslaughts we face on a daily basis. Similar to Tai Chi, Qigong is simpler in its approach to reducing anxiety using the natural power of Yin Yang to clear the meridians, vessels, and energy vortexes of the body.

$125 - Early Bird before October 15
$150 - Regular price after October 15

(Email us if the price is prohibitive.)

Location: St John's Episcopal Church

139 St Johns Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217-3401

St. John's episcopal remains a multiracial community, welcoming all people and rejoicing in their diversity of age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, and cultural background.

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