Kafka’s The Trial: Guilt and the (Almost) Sexual Perversion of Justice

Kafka the Absurd - Ulla Puggaard

The long-awaited Kafka seminar is here! We'll meet every other week on Tuesday evenings at Strong Rope Brewery for Olios that bring Kafka into the modern-day, shedding light on topics such as sexual perversion and capitalism.  Led by Geoff Klock, this seminar is intended to give you a handle on the guy who Harold Bloom said, alongside Proust and Freud, dominated the 20th century.

**Don't worry if you missed the last session! 

Each of these will be just as educational (and enjoyable) as a standalone lecture!**


Three things to know about Kafka. First, his friend asked him if he believed in a spiritual world, and Kafka replied that he thought there was only one world, and then added that the one world he was thinking of WAS the spiritual world — the physical world, he said, was the Evil in the spiritual world. The other thing to know about Kafka is that when he read his stories people roared with laughter — we have lost the COMIC absurdity of his stuff. Third, David Lynch’s character in Twin Peaks has two pictures on his office wall: Kafka and a nuclear bomb going off. 

Kafka’s The Trial: Guilt and the (Almost) Sexual Perversion of Justice

“Someone must have been spreading lies about Joseph K for one morning he was arrested, though he had done nothing wrong.” Kafka’s best novel is a story about free floating guilt, extra terrible because it is not attached to any particular act; and justice, which is smeared with private perversity. Bonus: Orson Welles made a movie of the Trial in 1962 starring Anthony Perkins from Hitchcocks’s Psycho and it's amazing. Lesser Bonus: David Lynch’s guy Kyle MacLachlan starred in a 1993 version of The Trial with Anthony Hopkins, Alfred Molina and David Thewlis? 

Come to class with quotes from The Trial that you'd like to discuss! 

Location: Strong Rope Brewery

574 President St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Strong Rope Brewery creates handcrafted local and organic ales featuring seasonal offerings that will use the freshest vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices showcasing the New York State farmers and malters we work with to create great tasting beer.

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