Olio FieldTrip | Skateboarding and Modern Art

The first Olio FieldTrip of the season will begin in a Harlem apartment for an Olio with Ted Barrow followed by a field trip to Central Park with architecture and skateboarding inspired stops along the way. Ted will be giving brief lectures at each of the sites and we'll be invited into a world where modern art and skateboarding meet. *Lunch is included in your RSVP*

 This FieldTrip is Limited to 20 people 


In the period after the Second World War, suburbanism de-centered modern American cities, signaling newfound domestic security, and, paradoxically, gave birth to modern skateboarding. An adaptation of surfing and rollerskating, two early 20th century suburban and coastal activities par excellence, skateboarding has developed alongside other (sub-) cultures and sports like hip-hop, breakdancing, and parkour, that are, many ways, inextricable from the city.

This Olio FieldTrip examines International Style architecture, as embodied by the Seagram Building (1958, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Philip Johnson) as both a signal piece of Modernist architecture and a skate-able urban plaza. Modern skateboarding developed in the open, vitiated, urban spaces at city centers, and this talk focuses on the complex relationship between art, design, and skateboarding through the lens of architecture.

Location: Living Room

Address will be shared with attendees.

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