Eros: The Geometry of Desire

'Eros' - Paul Klee

​Between every thing that calls itself “I” and every thing that is known as “You,” a third entity exists.  Neither an I, nor a you, the nameless non-presence is the axis of our desire. Indeed, it may be desire itself. It is the thing that animates us. That drives us to reach, to cross the boundary of ourselves, to long for the one we call You. This Olio will explore this mercurial creature, the Devil-God Desire. Through a close reading of Anne Carson’s work Eros: The Bittersweet, we will question how we have come to believe that love requires the number two, when logic demonstrates that the answer is three. Triangles, not lines, are the vehicles for our most precious longings and the engineers of our most devastating voids.

 You don’t need to be familiar with the text to join in. We will read passages together and we will leave the event different people than we were when we arrived. Because that is the power of Eros. It transforms. It wreaks havoc. It delivers us into time.

Location: Moon Rise Studio

614 Lorimer Street Brooklyn, NY 11211 // Please enter through the side entrance - the black door with disco tiles

Moon Rise Studio is a social space by Kin Euphorics that holds space for people to change their mindset and rise to their potential.

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