Sex, Memes, & Classical Music

Dylan made this.

Our holiday party celebrating all of the new teachers at Think Olio with Mini-Olios, drinks, and raffle prizes. 

Join us for a 2-hour celebration of all of the great teachers who joined us in 2017 and nominate new professors to join the Think Olio community. We'll have three mini-Olios, complimentary Lagunitas, and raffle prizes! 

A look into meme culture with Makeba Lavan
The word meme is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘mimeme’ which means, “imitated thing.” The term as used today was first introduced by scientist Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene. Memes have become an integral way of communicating in the 21st century. But what are they exactly? And how do they relay societal meaning?  In this olio, we will briefly discuss the history of memes as well as their relevance in our communities. Finally, we’ll close-read a few popular memes in order to peel back their palimpsest of cultural cues. 

Philosophizing on Sexual Desire with Jeanne Proust
Sexual desire and eroticism were and still are considered today as a-philosophical, even anti-philosophical topics. When we wonder why philosophers rarely speak about sexuality, we seem to face not only a moral question, but also a linguistic one. Is the language itself unable to capture such a subjective, qualitative - and physiological experience? And if some descriptive approach is still possible, what does appear to be at play when we question the origins of sexual desire?

Minimalism, Glassworks, and the experience of listening with Whitney George
Philip Glass, who had been creating, composing, and performing in New York's vibrant new music scene prior to the release of Glassworks in 1982, wanted to expose audiences to a cross-over between concert music and prerecorded concept album. According to Glass "Glassworks was intended to introduce my music to a more general audience than had been familiar with it up to then". The entire album, while divided into six smaller sections, functions as a complete, continuous composition. Join lecturer Whitney George for a close listening and analysis of the "Opening" & "Closing" sections of Philip Glass's album Glassworks. As a pivotal representation of the iconic minimalist school, Glassworks end caps "Opening" and "Closing" are reworkings of the same musical material from Glassworks in two totally different orchestrational approaches, giving this beautifully circular album an ending that is very much like the beginning...but also radically different. We'll take a guided listening through these two selections, and talk about how the "medium" (recording) impacts our understanding of the "message" for this album, originally released on vinyl. 

Nominate a great teacher for 2018. We're looking for new voices who will speak to topics we haven't touched on, ideas that deserve more attention, and anything you think we're missing at Think Olio.

Location: Brooklyn Art Library

28 Frost Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Brooklyn Art Library is home to The Sketchbook Project collection in its physical form. Our walls are lined with shelves that hold the tens of thousands of sketchbooks currently in the collection, created by artists from around the world. The library serves as a reading room where you can get cozy and spend an afternoon enjoying artwork in a hands-on experience with the help of our librarians.

Interdisciplinary Learning with the Best Professors

Think Olio is not about learning a new skill or adding credentials to your resume. It is about getting together with other people and expanding our worldview. It exists as a conduit for fruitful discussions, a dissent from the regurgitation of facts, and an embrace of new perspectives.

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Mar 27

Urban Development: From Reconstruction to Gentrification

Taught by Lauren Hudson
7:30 p.m. at Berg'n

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Mar 28

Catfishing: The Artist as Trickster in Factual Fictions

Taught by Ted Barrow
7:30 p.m. at Blender Workspace

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Mar 29

Self-Love or Narcissism?

Taught by Skye Cleary
7 p.m. at Strand Bookstore

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Mar 30

Scenius Summit 2019: Apiary Book Launch

Taught by No Professor Weekend
noon at OlioHouse | Wassaic, NY

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Apr 5

OlioMuse | Beethoven's Minor Mood

Taught by Gil Harel
7 p.m. at Strand Bookstore

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Apr 7

Olio Breakfast Club | Death & Bagels on a Sunday Morning

Taught by Jeanne Proust
10:30 a.m. at North 3rd St. Market - Williamsburg

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Apr 9

Madame(s) X: Muses, Makers, & Shifting Identities

Taught by Ted Barrow
7 p.m. at Strand Bookstore

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Apr 13

OlioHouse | Music & The Feast for Senses

Taught by Whitney George
noon at OlioHouse | Wassaic, NY

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Apr 23

The Death of Art, The Rise of Image

Taught by Vishwa Adluri
7 p.m. at Strand Bookstore

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Apr 27

OlioHouse | Found Poetry: Composting Words

Taught by Heather O'Neill
noon at OlioHouse | Wassaic, NY

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May 29

Composing Beauty: Mapplethorpe’s Quest for Perfection

Taught by Jeanne Proust
7 p.m. at BAM Fisher

Sign Up - $20

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