Three Mini Olios where we learn about Wonder Woman and two other "Wonder Women".

*Event Cancelled* Lassos of Truth: A Celebration of Three Wonder Women

None at Brooklyn Art Library

Thu, Jul 6 at 7:30 p.m.   |   90 minutes

Sorry to say that this event has been cancelled. We'll keep you updated if we reschedule it for a future date, thanks so much.

The Movie Should Have Been Based Off of This Much Better Comic Book

Taught by Geoff Klock
Wonder Woman’s complex history is a lot to digest: American icon, founded in Greek myth, played by an Israeli; a girl-power feminist role model frequently tied up and spanked; a killer sword-wielding warrior and a peacemaker armed only with a lasso and a shield; a lesbian separatist who has been romantically paired with Batman, Superman and (basically) Captain America. When I said I thought the movie had some serious problems people asked me what it should have looked like. I will walk you though the comic book that takes her history into account – and does it right.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: "The Dangers of a Single Story"
Taught by Makeba Lavan
Why do we stereotype? What are the pitfalls of a narrow cultural understanding? In her thoughtful and heartwarming TED talk, Adichie weaves a tale full of her personal experiences stereotyping others while exploring the stereotypes that plagued her as a Nigerian woman coming of age in the United States.
Using this masterful meta lesson on storytelling, in this Olio I'll invite everyone to consider the "single stories" that cleave us, as well as ways in which we can truly experience and appreciate cultures different from our own.
Pamela Z: A Modern Day Renaissance Woman in Music
Taught by Whitney George
We'll discuss the rise of the "Renaissance Woman" in music with performing force-of-nature, Pamela Z. Equal parts composer, performer, and electronics designer, Pamela Z lives and breathes the music she creates. Pamela creates wearable technology that she modifies for herself specifically to manipulate sound with physical gesture. The inherent theatricality of her process creates a product that is as visual as it is auditory.

Teacher: Olio Happy Hour
Venue: Brooklyn Art Library
Add to Calendar July 6, 20177:30 p.m. July 6, 2017 America/New_York Think Olio | *Event Cancelled* Lassos of Truth: A Celebration of Three Wonder Women Three Mini Olios where we learn about Wonder Woman and two other "Wonder Women". None

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