Amanda Hallay

Amanda Hallay considers herself ‘The Indiana Jones of Fashion History’, although she is probably more like a spinster sleuth in an Agatha Christie novel, diligently piecing together the clues found in culture to figure out why people wore what they did.  “Fashion is not an island; it’s a RESPONSE!” is Hallay’s mantra, heard often in the courses she created for LIM College, ‘Cultural Connections to Fashion’, ‘Fashion History and Global Attire’, ‘The Story of Street Style’, and Pop Century: A History of Rock n’ Roll’. 

Prior to her to return to academics, Amanda was the International Fashion Editor of ‘Couture’ and ‘Men Mode’ magazines, the European fashion forecaster for The Doneger Group, and the Paris Correspondent for ‘International Textiles’. She’s the author of two books; Vintage Cocktails: Time Honored Recipes for the Home Mixologist, and the novel DOLE: Sex, Death and Baked Potatoes in Maggie’s Britain.


Dec 1

Britain Before the Beatles: Disinterring the UK’s Lost Decade

Taught by Amanda Hallay
7:30 p.m. at Franklin Electric

Sign Up - $14

Oct 6

Come Fly with Me: Cultural Hot Spots of the 20th Century

Taught by Amanda Hallay
7:30 p.m. at Chandelier Creative

Sign Up - $14

Sep 1

Never Mind the Bollocks!: The Truth Behind Punk Style

Taught by Amanda Hallay
7 p.m. at Chandelier Creative

Sign Up - $14

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