*Read-In* Resistance is Surrender: What is to be Done?

Presented with Dean Machine

What is to be done?

This is the question first posed by the 19th century Russian writer Nikolai Chernyshevky and later, famously, by Lenin. Today, on the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, left-wing movements across the globe find themselves confronting a portentous historical moment.  With right-wing populism on the ascent from India to Europe to the United States, progressives and radicals alike face enormous challenges.  

On Sunday June 4, we will explore those challenges and once again grapple with Lenin's question. Join us for a backyard discussion, wine, and close reading of Zizek's Resistance is Surrender.

Location: Dean Machine

1037 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Work Heights is a membership based co-working business in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. They have two locations that members share for their work and for building community with each other, as well as the greater neighborhood and city. We'll be hosting Olios at the Junkyard of Dean Machine, a beautiful backyard space complete with a firepit! 

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