*Professor Showdown* Birdman: Revealing or Reinforcing Patriarchy?

Presented with Berg'n

This is the premier of Think Olio's Professor Showdowns! 

Think Olio professor Geoff Klock has been challenged by CUNY Professor Jason McCormick to a debate regarding 2015's Academy Awards Best Picture winner, Birdman. After we have screened the film at Berg'n Beerhall and both sides have made their case we, as the audience, will determine the winner.

Here's little sample into each side of the argument these professors regarding Birdman: 

Jason says "Birdman is a nuanced exploration of the impotency of white patriarchy in film, told in a luscious, unrelenting manner deserving of every award it received." 

Geoff says "I think Birdman is empty pretentious Self indulgent prattle that gives the illusion of meaning with no meaning at all. It's sort of like non-alcoholic beer. If anything, it reinforces the patriarchy it only pretends to make fun of."

We'll have discounted food and drinks from Berg'n, so plan to make a night of it.

Bio of the Challenger: Jason McCormick holds an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School and will be graduating with an MA in Literature from Hunter College. He is also a teacher at Hunter and BMCC. He studies and writes stories about the weird, paranormal, and monstrous.

Location: Berg'n

899 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Hip, late-night beer hall featuring microbrews & food vendors in a spacious, industrial-chic venue. Classes will be held in the private room. 

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