It's Not Their Country Yet: Organizing the Resistance Across the Blue/Red Divide | FUNDRAISER

Presented with The Footlight Bar

Jamie Warren will be opening the event with a short discussion about the import of political organizing. This will be include a brief sketch of how change has only happened through organized community efforts. 


Brigid Flaherty and Kate Hess Pace are experienced organizers whose focus is building the power of everyday people to make the changes that matter to them.  In the wake of the recent presidential election, both have committed to make a real difference by moving from their urban homes, with Kate moving back to her birthplace in the Midwest and Brigid headed back to the South.

Down Home North Carolina and Hoosier Action seek to build a new model for small-town America. These two new organizations will focus on political education, building membership, anti-racist training, and campaigns to secure long-term, transformation in their home districts.

On Tuesday, March 21, Brigid and Kate are hosting a fundraiser in New York City, where they will be joined by North Carolina-based organizer Todd Zimmer. At the event, they will discuss their decisions to move back home, and the what they will build, and creating relationships across the country for a national movement. Please join us in supporting their cause.

Location: The Footlight Bar

465 Seneca Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385

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