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How Great is Gatsby?

Original cover art by Francis Cugat.

Because it is so familiar, The Great Gatsby is little known. There would be no Great Gatsby without F. Scott Fitzgerald's trip to France. Revisit the masterpiece with Dr. Charles Riley, PhD, the director of the Nassau Museum and the author of Free as Gods, and consider the influence of the vortex of young geniuses gathered in Paris in the Twenties. 

What began as another short story about flappers became, in that context, a philosophical elegy for an era only half over, the Jazz Age, for which Scott and Zelda were the living emblems. By virtue of an existential "double consciousness," Fitzgerald manages to write his own demise. And then he lived it. 

Location: Strand Bookstore

828 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

The Rare Book Room at Strand Bookstore boasts an elegant venue for our Friday night residency.

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