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Work-Study Program

Think Olio is a growing community of curious people who want to keep learning.

We want all lifelong learners to be involved in Think Olio. Our audience has been invaluable in shaping what we have become and it's important to us that everyone is able to attend the Olios they are interested in. We want Olios to remain accessible and full of varied perspectives and that's why we're launching the Think Olio Work-Study Program. 

Now you'll be able to contribute to Think Olio's mission, work with us behind the scenes, and attend our classes in exchange for your help.

Below are a few things we know we need help with... but if you have other ideas please send us a message and we'd love to grab a beer and talk about it.

Open Positions:


Our liaisons love to learn and they love people. Liaisons are the ones who greet attendees at Olios and answer any questions people might have.

Apply to be a Liaison here.


If you can shoot a few photos at an upcoming Olio, we would love to have you as a guest. We want you to enjoy the event though, so we just ask that you take a couple of photos as people filter in and then a few during the Olio. Send us your portfolio to apply.

Some other really nice things you can do:

Recommend a teacher

There's nothing better than getting amazing professor recommendations from past students. If you've had a professor who really made a difference in your life then please send them our way. We'd love to meet them and share them with more people. Fill out this form to recommend a teacher.

Recommend a venue

The venues are huge part of what makes Olios different from other lectures around the city. We really want to bring our professor to unique spaces. If you've got somewhere in mind then let us know!

Bring a Friend

If you bring a friend who has never been to an Olio before then we'd be happy to give them a free pass as your guest. Just send us a message before the event and we will add them to the list.

Also, always feel free to send us a message for no real reason at all at note@thinkolio.org.

Chris & David

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